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The website is down

Not sure what is going on, but our internal web team is going to look at it overnight and it should all be up tomorrow. We're all backed up so if we can't get it working tomorrow on our server, we're going to look to other options.

Thanks for your patience!

And the website is back up. This LJ and our Twitter will always be available when the site is down - and since Registration is hosted on a separate server, even if the website goes down you can still register and add additional items here.

See you in a few weeks!


Cherrybomb Screening at Azkatraz

Movie madness continues at Azkatraz on Monday with the very first HPEF film festival. Team Azkatraz is incredibly proud to bring you the U.S. premiere of Rupert Grint’s new film, “Cherrybomb” to start off the afternoon’s events.

We will also be screening “We Are Wizards,” a documentary on Wizard Rock and HP fandom that enjoyed limited release around the country last year, and a reprise edition of the Convict Theatre vid collection.

The Zeum theatre only seats 200, so purchase your film festival ticket for $15 by modifying your registration, or when you create a new registration. If there are any tickets left, they will be available for purchase when you check in, or at the Zeum box office on Monday morning.

Because of the content and language in Cherrybomb, only those over the age of 17, or those accompanied by a parent or guardian, may attend that portion of the Azkatraz Film Festival; since the theater is small, only those holding a single-day, Weekend, Full or Merlin's Circle registration can purchase a ticket to Cherrybomb.


1:00 PM – Cherrybomb

2:30 PM – We Are Wizards

4:15 PM: Convict Theatre Vidding Show

MPA Schedule is online

On Monday, July 20, we will be offering a special one-day program track focused on the impact of the Harry Potter phenomenon on business and law; this track will take place off-site at ZEUM. The special registration for the MPA includes breakfast at the Parc55 on Monday morning, with a presentation by Susan Gunelius, author of Harry Potter: the Story of a Global Business Phenomenon, lunch with special guests, and a networking reception at the end of the day's program, three amazing panels and your choice of three breakout sessions from our list of at least a dozen fantastic Q&As, micro-panels and presentations.

While the Luncheon and Cocktail Reception are open only to Merlin's Circle registrants, if you have a Full Registration, a No-Feasts Weekend Pass, a Vendor Pass or a Merlin's Circle registration, you can attend one MPA session of your choice (taking Fire Marshall limitations into consideration) - and you can add on an MPA registration at the Registration Desk at Azkatraz through July 18. Those who hold a Monday registration cannot attend MPA programming without upgrading to the MPA ticket.

PDF link

The list of presenters includes Robin Burgener and Tanis Stoliar of the 20Q Project, Lev Grossman, TIME Magazine's book editor and tech writer, Fred Von Lohmann and Corynne McSherry of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, of Dreamwidth StudiosDenise Paolucci & Mark Smith, Elizabeth Bland, Exhibition Coordinator at the National Library of Medicine, Aaron Schwabach and Julie Cromer-Young of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and of course Henry Jenkins, who is transitioning from MIT to USC, and MPA Chair Monique Trottier, formerly of Raincoast Books.

The PDF of all programming at ZEUM is available here; the list of programming sessions can be found here.

Add a Masters of Potter Administration to your Azkatraz agenda; you can add it to a new registration, or an existing one. If you have any questions, please email us at info @ hp2009.org.

Flock Announcements

We've posted our current list of all Find Your Flock events at Azkatraz, including a lot Snape-centric events, ship meet-ups, site-specific activites and more.

Check out the schedule and summaries here!

If you aren't on the schedule yet, or if there's an error in your listing, please contact Kerry asap. We can only include Flocks in the program if we have your information confirmed by June 16, 2009.


Quidditch Sign-Ups

Just a reminder about Quidditch - if you want to play in the Fog Bowl Tournament on Friday at Beach Chalet at Golden Gate Park, please sign up by June 22 - we need to order everyone's personalized shirts that week!

More information is at the website, but here's some of the highlights:

1. We're playing at the Beach Chalet Fields at Golden Gate Park - there's a very Hogwarts-ish feel on the field, between the trees, the rocks and, of course, the fog.

2. We'll be providing bus transportation between the Parc55 and the field all day, so you can get to your game easily; there's also parking spaces if you prefer to drive.

3. The fee to play in the tournament is $35, and includes a personalized team t-shirt, a pizza lunch, hydrating beverages and all the fun, fantastic, Quidditch play you could want! If there is space available we will still take sign-ups through July 16, and you'll get a team shirt, but it won't be personalized.

4. The teams are:

o Alcatraz Birdmen
o Chinatown Dragons
o Embarcadero Earthquakes
o Folsom Falcons
o Lombard Street Zig-Zags
o Nob Hill Knight Owls
o Presidio Pelicans
o Sea Cliff Serpents

5. Yes, you'll have to sign a liability waiver whether you play pickup Quidditch, or are on one of the Tournament teams; you can read them here.

6. Yes, you can request to be on a team with your friends, or with team-mates from a past con tournament. Just make sure you all select the same teams as your first and second picks when you sign up.

7. Sign up by modifying your registration here.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Half Blood Prince Screening Update

As many of you have heard by now, there is a rumor that the release date for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” in IMAX has been pushed back two weeks until July 29th. IMAX has not itself confirmed this yet.

Obviously, the Azkatraz screening of the film in IMAX may be affected by this news. Please rest assured that we are working with IMAX and exploring all of our options to make this an event to remember. We realize that Azkatraz is just over a month away but the Azkatraz team has only learned this news at the same time as all of you as well so please bear with us as we try to work this out.

At this point, here's what we plan to do:
1.    Should the IMAX screening not be available, we are going to have a screening of the original release of the film at the Metreon in San Francisco that begins between 9:30 PM on July 16 and 12:15 AM on July 17, and will give a $5.00 cash refund to each ticketholder. Each ticketholder will be able to pick up his or her refund at either the registration desk or HPEF ticket distribution kiosk/table/location at the movie theater when picking up his or her ticket.
2.    We realize that some may not want to see the film until they can do so in IMAX 3D, so should you decide you would not like to see this film with 600 other dedicated Harry Potter fans (a once in a lifetime experience) we will be offering a full refund for your movie ticket(s) from Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at approximately noon Pacific time until six o'clock PM, Pacific time, on Sunday, June 14, 2009 to anyone who cancels their HBP ticket via the CVENT/Registration system link at the top of http://www.hp2009.org. Please do not leave your cancellation for the last minute if that's what you want to do, and if you are not going to be near a computer from Wednesday through Sunday, please contact us at info@hp2009.org as soon as possible.
Again, we ask you to please bear with us. If you have any questions

Please feel free to email us at info@hp2009.org.

Now that the Event and Programming schedules are online, we're opening sign-ups for fanfic readings and portfolio showings, as well as space in the drabble/drawble booth and time slots for music video karaoke and the film production studio at ZEUM.

To sign up, cut & paste the form here into a email - put DRABBLE, DRAWBLE, PORTFOLIO, READING or ZEUM in the subject - and send it to creativity @ hp2009.org (without the spaces)

You'll be serving time during one of the slots listed below. If you wish to be listed in the program and have one of your preferred choices on the schedule, you must sign up by June 8; we will be taking sign-ups for open slots throughout Azkatraz, but you won't be listed on the daily schedule or the website if you don't sign up by July 4.

  • Friday, July 17 3:00pm to 8:00pm for the booths, 3:00 pm to midnight for the readings
  • Saturday, July 18 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Sunday, July 19 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Monday, July 20 10:00am to 8:00pm



Sunday Keynote Luncheon Update

One of the last pieces of the Azkatraz puzzle has been set into place.

At our Sunday Keynote Luncheon at noon, we will be hosting Eddie Newquist , president of Branded Entertainment at Exhibitgroup/Giltspur, the creative and innovative company behind HARRY POTTER: THE EXHIBITION, which is now open at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, and which will shortly begin a world tour.Eddie Newquist

Eddie will speak about the curatorial process behind the creation of the exhibit, and the fascinating items found inside.

With more than 25 years of experience in branded entertainment, Eddie has worked for Universal Studios on the creative development of high-profile attractions such as Twister, Jurassic Park, WaterWorld, Terminator 2-3D and Universal’s CityWalk, and his exhibition work and films have been hosted by the Museum of Science and Industry in
Chicago, Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Eddie is also an industry innovator, holding three patents for the development of advanced show systems and for the design of high-capacity entertainment experiences.

Tickets to this Keynote Luncheon are $60, and can be added to a new registration, or by modifying an existing reservation, here. As of June 5, only about sixty tickets are still available.

Registration Information Update

We have good news and bad news regarding registration prices:

1. The good news is, we've eliminated the price increases to $190 and $200 that were supposed to go into effect this month,and at the door because...

2. We're going to have to stop selling full registrations and Merlin's Circle as of June 15, because we are going to sell out of tickets for the Welcome and Leaving Feasts. That's of the bad yet also good news.

However, since we know that there are still people who want to attend each day of Azkatraz, we are offering an All Weekend Pass for $130. This is a full registration WITHOUT the Welcome or Leaving Feasts. This price will be available as of June 2, 2009, through the close of online registration, and on Friday and Saturday at the door.

Register for it here.

Of course, you can still add breakfasts, lunches, tickets for Wrock Around the Rock and the Masters of Potter Administration track. At this point, we may be closing registration on June 30, but we are trying to keep it open into the first week of July.

Reminder: Azkatraz Deadlines and more

Just a brief reminder that as of today, we can no longer refund cancellations. However, you can still transfer your registration if you need to. Please use the message boards or the kickin_azkatraz community to connect with something willing to take over your registration and then contact the registrar to execute the transfer.

We have also OPENED the "Weekend Pass" Registration - get all the benefit of a Full Registration with two important exceptions: The Welcome and Leaving meals are NOT INCLUDED at this level. If you have been waiting to purchase registration for the full weekend (including the Friday Pre-Con day) but did not want to purchase the meals that come with it, you can now register for the Weekend Pass. This level is $130 and you can choose to add Wrock, the MPA, or other optional items to the pass.

While you're there, why not order your t-shirt? Shirts are $12 on pre-order and will be $16 on-site. Specify your size (ladies' shaped tees also available).

We are STILL waiting (along with IMAX, impatiently!) to find out about the movie showtimes for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". Once we have a definite showtime, we will let everyone know. If the showtime makes it impossible for you to use your movie tickets, we will offer a limited period during which you can cancel the tickets at no penalty.

Also, June 15 is the official cut-off for the hotel block. This does not necessarily mean that you will be unable to book your room; however, the hotel will no longer be obligated to extend our rate if you book after the 15th. Rooms at that point will be on a rate and availability basis, and remember, San Francisco hotel rooms are expensive! Be sure that you lock in the Azkatraz rate of $165 for up to 4 people in your room - book before June 15!

Finally, it is still in beta, but we now have a lovely interactive Google Calendar at the website! Many thanks to our hard-working Mary Ellen and Sara who helped input (almost) all the activities. You can download it to your PDA or smartphone and personalize the things you want to be sure not to miss. We will continue to complete and update this calendar right up into July.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Azkatrazi staff!

Welcome to Azkatraz

Azkatraz will take place in San Francisco at the Parc55 Hotel at 55 Cyril Magnin Street from July 17 - 21, 2009.

Azkatraz welcomes Harry Potter fans, ages 14 and up, for almost a week of discussions, meet-ups, fanfic readings, fanart gallery showings, presentations, round-tables, wizard rock, charitable projects, celebrations, booksignings and, of course, Muggle Quidditch.

To learn more about Azkatraz, look through the comm - all our "admin" posts are here, and our "community" livejournal is at http://kickin_azkatraz.livejournal.com - or visit our website at http://www.hp2009.org - and if you can't make it to San Francisco this week, come join us at Infinitus 2010 at Universal Studios Orlando, home of the brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter; find out more at http://www.infinitus2010.org.

Questions? Email us via our userinfo page here on LiveJournal - and we hope to see you next week!


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